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Little Brother makes premium frozen jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) that are delicious and easy to prepare at home.

LBCF jiaozi are inspired by family recipes and powered by the creative collaboration + joie de vivre of people who love what they do.

Currently available at the coolest grocers in and around Portland, Maine. Handmade with locally sourced ingredients and humanely raised, hormone-free proteins.

burger and fries large_edited.jpg
Little Brother also makes La Jiao Jiang (Chili Crisp), a super-condiment that's here to change your topping + garnishing game.

La Jiao Jiang (Chili Crisp) is an addictive, savory super-condiment with crunchy garlic and red onion. Put it on everything you like to eat, salty + sweet. Never look back.

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